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Therapy from the Qur`an and Ahadith

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Genre:Quran & Hadith
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The re-emergence of islamically – centered therapy has increased over the past few decades. This has been motivated by the need for a therapeutic approach to treating mental illness that is ideologically acceptable within the boundaries of Shari’ah. This has becomes a concern not only for Muslims therapists and their patients but in fact for all Muslims, ass part of their adherence to Islam and towards improving their Iman. Muslims psychologists around the world are working hard at developing faith- based models of therapy that acceptable to their peers and Muslim scholar alike.

This book is precisely that; Ann easy-to-use collection of Qur’anic ayaat and authentic Ahadiths and their interpretation that allow bi idh nillah individuals to challenge distressing psychological thoughts and behaviors. Written by an experienced clinical psychologist, the text may be used as a therapeutic aid or reference for clinicians or simply as a general guide to character development... the use of analogy means that the book is relevernt to booth Muslims and Non Muslims alike with the aim of using guidance from Islam to alleviate difficulties and to improve our understanding of Human distress. Only the creator best knows the Creation.



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