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Nayeem Ahmed Baloch

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While describing the creation of man, this book also emphasizes the need of using proper words with each other while the children are playing, joking or...
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Some ailments occur due to the deeds of the persons but, however, some occur which no one can be blamed for. Such adverse conditions occur in the life of...
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علم کی دنیا حیرتوں کا سمندر ہے عجوبوں کا جنگل ہے سوالوں کا گور کھ دھندا ہے۔ یہ چیرتیں یہ عجو بے بی سوال اس پر کھلتے ہیں جوسچا طالب علم بنتا ہے۔ کتاب...
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If someone asks about a thing you have no knowledge of, and if the matter is of self-respect, then what your response will be? If the ideas and concepts...
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