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Golden Words For The Successful Life

ISBN: 9786035001571
Rs. 3,650.00
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Golden Words a guide for all Muslims from the lives of Muhammad ﷺ and other Islamic leaders by Darussalam is a colorful book compiled by Mr. Abdul Malik Mujahid that tells instructive stories of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and other prominent Islamic leaders to guide the readers to the right way. The powerful reminders delivered through the inspiring stories of pious people who dealt with their troubles offer life-altering lessons that can prove to be astutely beneficial to all readers. It features glimpses of Umar (RA) boldness, Ali’s (RA) last testament, mosques being outside king’s domain, Abu Bakr’s (RA) love for Allah’s Messenger, the blessings of Zam Zam, keys of success, conversion of an assassin to Islam by Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, the foresight of Abu Bakr (RA), the greatness of Ayesha (RA) and Yazeed’s proverbial generosity along with many others.

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Education | Biography
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