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Kids Books Premium Set - Shazia Nazlee

ISBN: 777-434-452-952
Author(s): Shazia Nazlee

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Our children represent our future and our futures are only secured if we educate our children properly. In order to help Muslim parents around the world in providing authentic Islamic knowledge to their children, Darussalam has published colorful books featuring attractive illustrations. These books cater to children of all age groups and to further ease selection, Darussalam has made numerous book sets related to some very prominent topics for child education. All these sets are perfect to be kept in school, libraries and mosques.

Books List:

  1. Those who Backbite and Slander
  2. The Gift of Friendship
  3. The Gift of EID
  4. The Gift of Jumuah
  5. A day out to the Zoo
  6. The Gift of My Mother
  7. Angel Jibra’eel Returns Again
  8. The Gift of Ramadan
  9. Abu Lahab and his Wife Arwah
  10. The Night of Decree
  11. The Surahs to Seek Refuge
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Book Pages:
Book Size:
4 color

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