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Atlas Islamic Conquests

ISBN: 987-603-500-215-8
Author(s): Ahmad Ali kamal

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History is a mirror of the past days and nights of nations and communities. Hence the history of Islam is not only a mirror of the fourteen centuries of the Muslim Ummah but it also signifies the best human civilization on the face of the earth. So a stark necessity arises to acquaint new generations Muslim Ummah with great intellectual and political leaders and renowned personalities along with such men of achievements and valiant religion in those lands, where darkness of paganism and ignorance prevailed..

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Mustafa Ahmad 0 12/21/2019
Do you have “ Atlas of conquest of Islam” urdu version , تاریخ فتوحات اسلامیہ، in Tariq Road branch or anywhere in karachi?

Can it be shipped ?
Darussalam Pakistan 0 12/23/2019
Thank you for showing interest in our publications. Yes it is available in both branches of Karachi as well as you can order us online for home delivery, InshaAllah!


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