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Khulfa-e-Rashidun (Complete Set)

ISBN: 1236712519653
Author(s): Ashfaq Ahmed
Rs. 460.00
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This complete set of books is dedicated to the lives of the rightly guided caliphs. Each book is dedicated to the life, work, and teachings about one of the four caliphs.

They are short, precise, to-the-point yet comprehensive in providing the authentic information and imparting the beautiful characters and personality of each caliph to the reader in a way that he/she will benefit a lot in his/her practical life.

It is a beautiful gift to give anyone and also a must read for every one of us.

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Jazak Allah
Best and authentic knowledge of Islam through Dar us Salam books
Good book for muslims about their past legends
Brief but comprehensive books on companions of Prophet P.B.U.H ,
Easy to read, would recommend it to everyone.
Good books written by a legend. My fvourite writer. I wish to buy more of his books.
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