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Understand Your Prayers

ISBN: 010786787
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As- Salat is one of the most important pillars of Islam. It is the obligation which will be questioned on the Day of Judgment first of all; it is a gift of Allah to His messenger (PBUH), and His followers.  It is very  necessary to understand the meanings of that which we recite during  As- Salat or which is about As- Salat, Adhan,  invocations for entering and leaving the mosques, for ablution, for Qunut in witer prayer, for the dead on funeral  prayer along with some selected Surah’s of the Holy Quran. Transliterations of the Arabic text will help in correct pronunciation because a minor mistake is pronounciation of Arabic text can change its meanings. Different colors in translation will make it easy to locate, understand and memorize the meanings. This is certainly bound to attract the young reader’s attention. Stimulate them as well as educate them.

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Prayers and supplication
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