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Special Eid Package - Diamond

اسپیشل عید پیکج
ISBN: 755-434-910-901
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Darussalam presents Special Eid Package Diamond Edition to help Pakistani Muslims celebrate the true spirit of Eid. Featuring Enlightenment Pack (10 quality books on Principles of Islam), Award-winning Biography of Prophet Muhammad PBUH The Sealed Nectar (Deluxe Edition), Medina’s special Ajwa dates and a sweet smelling non-alcoholic perfume (ittar).
This pack of Islamic goodness is better than all other things people gift each other on Eid because it strengthens the Iman of the believers and gives them a chance to learn from the Seerah of Prophet Muhammad PBUH and reform themselves for the better. The Ajwa dates included in the package are perfect for eating right after the Eid Prayer and they also help you in protecting yourself from magic and the evil eye. Gift this package to your family and friends and celebrate a joyous Eid this year.

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EId Package
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