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Unlike other toy houses, My Home (Arabic - Baitee) is a unique and innovative toy house for your children. It is an interactive way to teach supplications to your kids while having fun. It is shaped like a house with furniture, doors, car porch, stairs and more. Each object is a button which is when pressed reads out a specific supplication, lesson and/or a nasheed. Its colorful design attracts the children and made their time a worth to spend with. Instead of musical tones and worldly rhymes, My Home contains the Quanic supplications and listening them again and again helps in memorizing them. Since this toy is specifically designed for young children, Darussalam has made it very light weight and health safe for children. It is operated by universal AA size batteries. You can buy it for your kids and also gift it to the children of your friends and loved ones.                                      

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  • Khaleeque ur Rahman
    2017-06-20 10:41:42

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    Mabroom Dates

    I have ordered Mabroom dates at Daurssalam and found very good quality. Every piece is of same quality and fresh

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Additional Information

 Portable universal batteries

Multimedia voulme keys

Smart and handy size for kids

Colorful 3D design

10+ supplications

Crystal Clear sounds