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Speaker Quran

Manufacturer: Darussalam Publishers
Rs. 2,200.00
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Darussalam presents, Speaker Quran, another amazing device for you to strengthen your relationship with the Quran, It features a built-in Quran reciter so that you can listen to the Holy Quran at any time of your liking.

It also includes the translation of the Quran so that you can understand the commandments of Allah S.W.T. You can combine this mode to listen to the recitation and translation together and you can also listen to Tafseer for a more deeper understanding of the Quran. 

It also features FM radio so you can easily update yourself with latest news and happenings if you are on travel or away from media sources.

Furthermore, you can use the feature of 3 Times Repetition so that you can memorize the Quran.

For your ease, you also have the option of searching a particular Ayah through easy to use remote control.

It also features Qaida Noorani and Hisnul Muslim for you to learn proper recitation and to learn and memorize various prayers and supplication for your everyday life. 


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