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Ajwah Paste with Kalwanji & Zaafran - (500g)

Manufacturer: Darussalam Publishers
Rs. 2,500.00
3 item(s)

• 100% Pure Natural Product.
(Ingredients: Ajwah Dates of Madinah, Ajwah Dates Seed Powder, Honey)
• May help in cardiovascular ailments.
• May reduce bad cholesterol (LDL).
• Excellent source of nutrition.

Hadith: Ajwah is from Paradise and it contains a Cure for poison. [Tirmidhi: 2066]

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Excellent Product. I am a regular user and I must say they provide the quality product at affordable prices.
A very healthy product
good product
satisfactory good
satisficatory and good products , we can buy these products istead of impoerted items
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