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Muhafiz-e-Qalb is a tested herbal drink which is ideal for the patients of open heart surgery (by pass) or angioplasty etc. Use of Muhafiz-e-Qalb opens blocked coronary veins and the needed blood finds its way to heart so nicely. Basically it controls cholesterol and blood pressure which are the basic cause of heart diseases and it also controls uric acid. Its major ingredients are Ginger, Garlic, Apple Cider Vinegar, Pure Honey and Lemon juice. These vital ingredients make this product ideal for Blood Pressure, Cholestrol, Angina, Joints pain, Obessity, Stomach and Ulcers etc.

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100% Halal and Fresh

Natural/Herbal Product

800 ml soft pet bottle

Hygenic packing material

No Side Effects

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