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Kid's Ahram

Manufacturer: Others
Rs. 900.00
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This simple, white, two-piece ihram set is perfect for the Umrah or Hajj. Make yourself feel comfortable and light with 100% cotton made Ahram during your days and nights in the House of Allah (SWT) with this soft and light, high-quality Ihram!


Sikander 1 07/30/2022
Can we use child ahram for a 10 year child old and 7 year old child?
Darussalam 1 08/02/2022
Yes Perfectly
Saira Uppal 1 12/04/2019
For what ages this ahram is suitable? My son is 13 yrs old
Darussalam Admin 1 12/05/2019
Generally it depends on the height of the person. However, for a 13 years old person we recommend the regular size Ahram.
Muhammad kashif 1 12/02/2019
Kid is 13 years old 66 kg weight
Height 5 ft.
Would this child pack will be suitable for him.
What's the length andvwidth of pieces of cloth.
Darussalam Admin 1 12/05/2019
For 5 feet height, the regular/adult size is recommended. Thank you


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