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Interpretation of the Meanings of The Noble Quran (English)

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Interpretation of the Meanings of the Noble Quran in the English Language By Dr. M. Taqiuddin Al-Hilali & Dr. M. Muhsin Khan is a the fruit of a colossal effort undertaken by the diligent team of Darussalam in helping people around the globe in understanding the Holy Quran.

This high quality mushaf features Arabic text in Uthmani print on the right side and English translation on the left side of every page. Explanation and comprehensive interpretation of the verses (Tafsir) is printed as footnotes at the bottom of the page. The Tafsir is actually a summarized version of At Tabari, Al Qurtabi and Ibn Kathir and includes relevant comments from Sahih Bukhari.

An Index of Surah, list of prostration places and prophets mentioned in the Quran is featured at the end of this compilation. A comprehensive glossary follows the mentioned lists and there are also comprehensive notes at the end related to topics such as why Allah sent Prophets and Messengers, Tauhid (Islamic Monotheism), Shahadah – Confession of a Muslim, Ash Shirk and Al Kufr (Polytheism and Disbelief) An Nifaq (Hypocrisy and its various Manifestations) and a detail note Jesus and Muhammad (peace be upon them) In The Bible and The Quran (Biblical evidence of Jesus being a servant of Allah and having no share in divinity).

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Hisham 0 05/23/2021
When is this product coming back in stock?
Darussalam Admin 0 05/24/2021
Thank you for reaching out to us. We apologize for the inconvenience; however, our warehouse team is working hard to restock it as soon as possible as it is an imported product. Kindly stay tuned with our facebook page for the updates. Thank you
Anum 0 07/26/2020
What is the difference between this and the art paper edition?
Darussalam Admin 0 07/29/2020
Thank you for showing interest in our publications. The inner content is 100% same. The only difference is paper quality as Art Paper is bit thicker and Shinny.
Amna 0 06/12/2020
When will Quran with english translation will restock?
Darussalam Admin 0 06/19/2020
Thank you for showing interest in our products. AlhamduLIllah it is back in stock. Kindly place your order to grab your copy. Thank you


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