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Quran Hakeem

قرآن حکيم
ISBN: 97898101069662
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Darussalam presents Quran Hakeem with Urdu Translation. Featuring text and translation in dual colors, this Quran comes in a strong binding format that can easily stand the test of time. With Urdu translation from Maulana Syed Shabbir Ahmad and Arabic text in large size, the Quran can be easily read even by people with weak eyesight.

At the end of this Quran, you can find a detailed Quran index that lists verses according to their topics and mentions pages where those verses can be found. The 99 names of Allah can also be found at the very end of this publication.

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Shehla awan 0 09/01/2020
Plz share inner page to view its font and translation font
Darussalam Admin 0 09/03/2020
Thank you for reaching out to us. Kindly send a whatsapp message on 0324-2304050 for the inner pictures. Thank you


Most authentic translation, recommended darussalam publications.
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