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The Biography of Imam Zaid ibn Thaabit (R.A)

ISBN: 9789960984905

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The Biography of Imam Zaid ibn Thaabit (may Allah be pleased with him) by Darussalam is a detailed volume of the life of a noble companion of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). It features valuable lessons from the life of Imam Zaid ibn Thaabit (may Allah be pleased with him) who managed to secure great success in knowledge, action and the spreading of Islam.

The book details the merits of companions of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) before delving into the life this great companion. It then details his name and lineage followed by his efforts in searching for knowledge and compilation of the Noble Quran. It explains the arrangement of verses and consecutiveness of the Quran and refutation against those who criticized it. The book also highlights his efforts in dispelling misconceptions about the compilation of the Quran, his commentary on the Quran and his position in Fiqh, faraa’id and Fatwa.

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