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Sayeda Khadija (R.A) Aur Unki Betiyan

سیّدہ خدیجہ رضی اللہُ عنہا اور ان کی بیٹیاں
ISBN: 100786788
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No doubt that Sayida Khadija and her daughters (May Allah be pleased with them all) are the best examples to live a prosperous life for Muslim women. This book by Abdul Malik Mujahid is a lovely collection of authentic events that highlights her intelligence, commitment to religion, sincere belief in God and determination under the most difficult circumstances. The book’s tone is very delicate that literally takes the reader back in time to the very beginning of Islam, providing deep insights into her life and early Islamic era. If you want to gift your girls and daughters something, nothing could be better than this as it will help them learn how to be a faithful Muslim lady, a dedicated wife, and an ideal mother. However, this does not mean this is ‘female only’ book; instead, the male can also learn lots of lessons from her life.

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Malik Hammad -1 10/23/2020
Urdu main book plzzz
Darussalam Admin 2 10/26/2020
Thank you for reaching out to us. Please click on the link given below for our Urdu Books collection:



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