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Stories of the Prophets (PBUH) - Local

Urdu Book Title:قصص الأنبیاء
Book Pages:579
Book Size:14x21
Color:1 color
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Qassas Al-Anbiya (English) is the collection of all the events and stories related about the Prophets of Allah (S.W.T) in the Holy Quran by Imam Imaduddin Abdul-Fida Ismail Ibn Kathir Ad-Dimashqi.



I already have the Urdu version of this book. I am interested to get a copy of this masterpiece work in English language also.
I thought the stories of the Prophet (Peace be upon them) would be very simple but this is a tafsir (in depth) interpretation of their (Peace be upon them) life. Outstanding book by Imam Ibn Kathir. Love it!
Mash'Allah this book is in depth of the stories of the Prophets. There are references from the Quran and Hadith. I love this book.
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