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Book Pages:408
Book Size:14x21
Color:2 color
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Early Days Stories of the Beginning of Creation and the Early Prophets from Adam to Yoonus by Darussalam is a quality book whose text has been derived from Al-Bidayah wan-Nihayah of Ibn Katheer. It starts with the biography of Al-Hafiz Ibn Kathir and then gives a detailed description of the Creation of the Throne, the Kursi, Al-Lawh, the Heavens and the Earth. Then it goes on to mention the creation of angels and their attributes, the jinn and their attributes and the story of Satan. It mentions the creation of Adam and then stories of all the prophets that came after him. These prophets include Sheeth (AS), Nooh (AS), Hood (AS), Salih (AS), Ibraheem (AS), Shu’aib (AS), Ayoob (AS), Dhul-Kifl (AS), people of Yaseen (AS) and Yoonus (AS).



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