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The End of the World

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In recent times things have become very confusing and we have begun to see in book stores and on websites speculation about future events, based on verses and hadeeths which refer to these future events concerning the signs of the hour.



I had read this when I was 13, and I really liked how it gave references and sources for its claims and didn't just base things on speculation and conjecture, as how certain people (Imran Hosein, the deviant, and others) have done. Though there are still a few mistakes in the references and the authenticity of certain Ahadith, other than that, I totally recommend it.
D. Muhammad al-‘Areefi has really proven with this book that it is essential and necessary to explain the signs of the last hour. The Islamic perspective of the Doomsday is rarely seen in the media and the things you hear from people are mostly their own opinions. I was looking for an authentic book that could explain every prophecy with concrete evidence and a strong Islamic reference. A friend of mine referred this book to me and finding it within my means; I ordered it without giving it a second thought. I am glad that I did that.
This marvel of a book with all its pictures and colorful texture keeps you hooked until the very end. Normally when I used to read about something related to the end of the world, I used to Google it and see the images the search engine displayed. With this book I never felt the need of going online. If this book talks about Gog and Magog drinking up the Lake Tiberias, it gives you a picture of the lake along the text along with details about its location. Nothing is incomplete. You get references from Quran and Sunnah everywhere. The book is also very easy to read and I believe a 12 year old can read it without consulting a dictionary.
Dajjal will have a donkey and the distance between its ears will be 40 cubits. I think it will be an airplane or maybe a personal jet. I read in a novel by Dan Brown that they are making really fast aircrafts that are small in size. This donkey will be like a cloud that would be driven away by the wind. He will enter every city except Makah and Medina and will camp behind Uhad on the salt marsh of Al-Juruf. He will be a formidable tempter and many Muslims will join him, even the inhabitants of Medina. And when he will camp outside Medina, the earth will shake three times and all bad people will leave the city. The book also states how Muslims can save themselves from Dajjal and that is reading Surah Al Kahf. It’s a great book for anyone looking for authentic details regarding Dajjal, the deceiver.
The end of the World is a quality book explaining all the major and minor signs of the Day of Judgment. I must say that Dr. Muhammad al-‘Areefi hare really done justice to this topic. It is a colorful book full of illustrations and pictures of real places mentioned in the hadiths of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). It not only lists the signs, but it also explains that why one should discuss the portents of the Hour and gives guidelines on understanding and dealing with them.
I always wanted to know about the Last Hour and how everything will end. It’s an essential part of our faith and I don’t think there is any Muslim who wouldn’t be interested in this topic. The most interesting thing that I learned from this book was that all the minor signs have already happened. Amazingly, there were tones of them and all of them have happened. Reading this book I came to a conclusion that we are truly standing on the brink of the last hour. There are, however, the major signs that have yet to reveal themselves. Among the major signs, I particularly found the topic of Dajjal very interesting; the short, bent legged man who will be sterile and claim to be a god. He will be put to death by Jesus Christ.
Since this book answers many questions about the Day of Judgment and is not a compilation of the thoughts of a person, but a complete scholarly project full of authentic references and quotes, I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in signs of the Last Hour. The best part of this book is that you don’t have to be a Muslim to understand it. It explains everything in such a nice way that anyone, from any religious background, can understand it and greatly enjoy it. I am already considering gifting this book to some of my non-Muslim friends. It will be an interesting way to do Dawah and tell them a bit about authentic Islam, something that is not shown in the media these days.
Reading all the minor signs made me think that the last hour may occur anytime now, but the major signs have yet to pass. It’s strange how close we are edging towards the last day and no one cares. Everyone is busy in their personal lives. Time is passing quickly, and words have no importance for people. What a time to be alive in. Seriously worried!
I learnt from my wife that my father-in-law knew a lot about the signs of the last hour and loved talking about them. So, in order to impress him, and not to look like a fool in that gathering, I bought this book from Darussalam. I wish I had brought it sooner. This book details all the major and minor events in such a beautiful way that I was hooked till the end.
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