History Of Makkah

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Darussalam Publishers
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February 02, 2002
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Safiur Rahman Al Mubarakpuri

History Of Makkah This book mentions the different aspects of Makkah and records the most important historical events that have a direct effect on the establishment and sacredness of Makkah as well as its religious weight.Highlights the sites that are highly important whenever Makkah is mentioned like the Black Stone, Zamzam Well, and others. Designates a great part of the book speaking about the Holy Ka`bah and the Holy Mosque updating the extensions and the improvements, that have taken place from the time of Muhammad (S) to the Saudi era.At the end of the book, there is a complete appendix about Hajj and its rites. 

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Publish Date: February 02, 2002
Genre: History
Pages: 176
Size: 14x21
Weight (KG): 0.412
Color: 4 color

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