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Women Urdu Premium Pack


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    The "Women Urdu Premium Pack" contains a collection of 5 bestselling Urdu books for women. This collection of Urdu books is the perfect starter pack for women that are interested in acquiring knowledge in regards to the Islamic teachings pertaining to women as well as the history of the great women of Islam. Buy now and get a 17% discount on the final purchase price. This Pack includes these books:

  1. Agar Aap Maa Banny Wali Hein by Umm e Abdullah Sadia Amir Dewan
  2. Aurat ka Zewar - Pardah by Qari Suhaib Ahmed
  3. Misaali Khatoon by Mujhadi Fatha Al-Syed
  4. Sunehri Kirney by Abdul Malik Mujahid
  5. Khawateen k liye Hadith ki Kitaab (Altalibat Ma Hadith) by Maulana Abdul Manan Rasikh

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