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Golden Stories of Accepted Prayers

Book Pages:288
Book Size:17x24
Genre:Prayer And Supplication
Color:4 color
Weight:1.3 kg
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Golden Stories of Accepted Prayers by Darussalam is a modern Islamic publication compiled by Mr. Abdul Malik Mujahid. It reveals stories of people who have prayed to Allah and had their invocations answered. The stories featured in this book are so interesting and precise that they keep the readers hooked to the last page. Supplications are very important to Muslims and we should always be praying to Allah. The book explains that we should also not be unjust to people or they may pray against us and we get doomed for our entire life. It also features prayers of prophets when they were in distressed and explains their situations in those cases in order to explain the moment's such supplications should be used.



This is the best book to read. It's not only astheticaly pleasing but also makes you rethink on how magnificent the impact of Dua is.
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