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Pyary Rasool ki Payari Duain (Pocket) - Allaa

Urdu Book Title:پیارے رسول کی پیاری دعائیں(پاکٹ سائز) - اعلی
Book Pages:80
Book Size:8x12
Genre:Prayer & Supplication
Color:2 color
Weight:0.037 kg
Rs. 60.00
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پاکٹ سائز میں نماز اور دعاؤں کی بہترین کتاب

Pyare rasool ki pyari duain provides you lot of duain, namaz e janaza and namaz with urdu translation and with references and benefits.

★★★ Pyare rasool ki pyari duain★★★

1- Ayat e kursi with urdu translation

2- lot of masnoon duain

3- namaz with translation

4- namaz e janaza ki Duain

5- Wazifay with affadiayat

6- Darood Sharif with urdu tarjuma

7- Dua e Qanot with translation



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