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Calligraphy Practice Book

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Okasha Calligraphy Foundation aims at reviving the dying art of calligraphy by encouraging the young emerging talents of this field through provision of diverse platforms.

OCF establishes a culture where every individual is encouraged to reach their maximum potential. We believe in creating a better tomorrow by assisting our students to achieve excellence, acquire global insight and research for new trends and styles. We inspire our students to become valued artists and crafts persons by providing them with multi-variate opportunities.

At OCF, we believe that constant hard work and integrity leads to a flawless leadership. We aim at generating confidence, creating awareness and promoting greater love and appreciation of arts and crafts among our students to enable them to lead the world of tomorrow.

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Umme Aiman 0 07/25/2021
I am based in the Uk and I was looking for this Calligraphy Practice book as I would to learn the Islamic calligraphy inshallah. However, I couldn’t find & place the order for the Uk. Could you please advise where can I find this book and also I really appreciate some more information about any online courses that your association is running at the moment as I would like to enrol.
Darussalam Admin 0 07/26/2021
Thank you for reaching out to us. This particular Calligraphy practice book is the exclusive product of Okasha Calligraphy Foundation. They are also offering 100s of online courses related to calligraphy. Kindly contact them through following link they will definitely assist you in delivery of the said book as well as tutorials. Thank you

Faiza khan 0 01/02/2021
How many pages this practice book have???
Darussalam Admin 0 01/04/2021
Thank you for showing interest in our products. This practice book has 82 pages in total. Thank you
Farzana Faisal 0 10/04/2020
اسلام علیکم
My daughter is 9 years an old she's brilliant and very good in art(drawing)and doing hifz ul Quran at AlNoor international can she learn calligraphy......?
Darussalam Admin 1 10/04/2020
MashaAllah good to hear about your daughter's love for Islam. May Allah (SWT) bless her with success of both worlds, InshaAllah! Yes AlhamduLillah she can easily start practicing via this book and you can also contact Okasha Calligraphy Foundation for online or physical courses. Thank you


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