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Wooden Calligraphy Pen & Ink Organizer

Rs. 1,490.00
41 item(s)

Organized Storage: The Wooden Calligraphy Pen & Ink Organizer

  • Box is specifically designed to Organize all of your calligraphy and lettering supplies such as pens nibs and inks.
  • Compartments: This Wooden Organizer storage box has one large compartment for used pens and nibs.


irfan 0 08/16/2021
can there all Kalams and Pens are included in this package
Darussalam Admin 0 08/16/2021
Thank you for reaching out to us. No this package contains only the wooden organizer. The Qalams, Pens and Ink pots are separate. Thank you
Mariam 0 09/27/2020
I wanted to know if the pens and things are included in this?
Darussalam Admin 0 09/28/2020
Thank you for showing interest in our products. Please note that it is only organizer, you can buy the pens (Qalam and brushes) separately. Thank you


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