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Ajwah (Dates) Seed Powder

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AJWA Dates are one of the most valuable gifts for mankind. Ajwa Dates seed’s powder contains miraculous elements that are used for the cure of serious and common disease in which humans are suffering. The biggest benefit of Ajwa Date’s paste is its capability to prevent and cure for heart disease Patients.

  • Ajwa dates seed powder is highly effective for the treatment of blocked heart arteries. It helps to reduce triglycerides and cholesterol levels (LDL) in the blood.
  • Ajwa Dates paste is also useful for the cure of blood pressure diseases.
  • Ajwa Khajoor paste is also recommended for those patients who have been advised bypass surgery or angioplasty.
  • Ajwa Date’s paste can be used for the prevention against magic, madness, frustration, headache, poison or mental disorders.
  • Good for poor eyesight, night blindness and eye diseases.
  • Ajwa dates are most effective for throat problems, fever, edema and cystitis.

In short, it iss enrich with the naturally ingrediantss that are necessary to keep the body fitt and quite well. !!!


Gohar Ali 0 07/15/2020
عجوہ کھجور پوڈر کو دن میں کتنی بار اور کیسے استعمال کرناہے
Darussalam Admin 0 07/19/2020
Thank you for showing interest in our products. The recommended dose is once a day. However, it is suggested to please consult your physician for this.
Shahid Mahmood 0 11/16/2019
How to use it ?
Darussalam Admin 0 11/18/2019
Sir, the description is mentioned on the label; however, it is suggested to take it with warm water like a, "Qehwa".


Hi kindly please can you tell me that is this ajwa dates powder is 100% pure and original or mix with other ingredients
I had purchased from Dar us Salam Store. It is even benefial for Hypertension (high blood pressure), if you eat it with ajwa dates
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