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Al Quran Al Kareem (Pocket Size -16 line)

ISBN: 20020051
Author(s): Not Applicable
Rs. 260.00
16 item(s)

This copy of Quran has 16 lines per page with beautiful green cover. Its clear and standard font made it easy to read/recite it for Muslims.

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Adeel 0 06/14/2021
AOA, I need this pocket quran around 20 pcs with last page along with my late father's name for Sawab is it possible and how much single pc does cost?

Darussalam Admin 1 06/15/2021
Thank you for showing interest in our publications. May Allah (SWT) bless your father with higher ranks in Jannah and forgive him, InshaAllah! We apologize that we cannot customize the last page for this small quantity. Here we would suggest you to get a rubber stamp with your text and stamp the last paper with is. You can use the same stamp in future as well. Thank you
Uzma 0 12/26/2019
Aom,,Please let me know what is the price of pocket size quran with italian page,,,with translation n tafseer in Urdu,,it is published in saudia by darussalaam
Darussalam Admin 0 12/27/2019
Wa Alaikum As Salam. Thank you for showing your interest in Darussalam's Publications. The price of said Quran, "Tafseer Ahsan al Kalaam" pocket size variant is Rupees 1020/- only. Please find below the link:



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