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Angel Jibra’eel Returns Again

ISBN: 9789960971537
Rs. 400.00
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Angel Jibra’eel returns again by Darussalam is an interesting storybook for children that reveals the story of the time when revelations stopped coming to Prophet Muhammad ï·º and he became worried. It teaches children a lesson to never give up even when things look grim and gloomy and have faith in Allah for He is always with them. This book is designed for children to appreciate the blessings of Allah upon them and to serve as a means of strengthening their hearts. It tells children to not to stress out on the worldly matters and believe in the hereafter as being a better place for them. The book ends with a quiz.

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Madiha 0 04/24/2021
Whats the age group for this book
Darussalam Admin 0 04/27/2021
Thank you for showing interest in our publications. This book is recommended for 5+ age group. Thank you


I was a kid when this book was gifted to me and even years later I remember what I read. I loved it so much, I read it again and again. I recommend that parents buy this for their young kids ages 4 to 7.
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