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Kids Story Books Set - Qasas ul Anbiya - Set of 30 Books


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A collection of 30 children's books in Urdu. Get 20% on the purchase of the kids story book set. Perfect books for your children, easy to read with insightful lessons.

This pack includes following books:

  1. Zameen Per Pehla Qadam (Qissa Syedna Adam)
  2. Purani Kitab (Qissa Syedna Idrees)
  3. Holnak Toofan (Qissa Syedna Nooh)
  4. Maut Ki Hawa (Qissa Syedna Hood)
  5. Samood Ki Tabahi (Qissa Syedna Saleh)
  6. Holnak Aag (Qissa Syedna Ibrahim)
  7. Azeem Qurbani (Qissa Syedna Ismail)
  8. Anokhay Mehmaan (Qissa Syedna Ishaq)
  9. Pathron Ki Barish (Qissa Syedna Lut)
  10. Ajeeb Bisharat (Qissa Syedna Yaqoob)
  11. Zalim Bhai (Qissa Syedna Yusuf)
  12. Badshah Ka Khawab (Qissa Syedna Yusuf)
  13. Sitaron Ka Sajda (Qissa Syedna Yusuf)
  14. Holnak Azab (Qissa Syedna Shoaib)
  15. Purani Laash (Qissa Syedna Musa)
  16. Jadogaron Se Muqabla (Qissa Syedna Musa)
  17. Ibrat Ka Nishan (Qissa Syedna Musa)
  18. Sonay Ka Bachra (Qissa Syedna Musa)
  19. Teen Sawal (Qissa Syedna Musa)
  20. Zameen Ki Pakar (Qissa Syedna Musa)
  21. Shaitan Ki Awaz (Qissa Syedna Haroon)
  22. Zalim Badshah (Qissa Syedna Haroon)
  23. Sandoq Ki Wapsi (Qissa Syedna Dawood)
  24. Urnay Wala Takhat (Qissa Syedna Sulayman)
  25. Sabar Ka Badla (Qissa Syedna Ayyub)
  26. Khush Qismat Qaum (Qissa Syedna Yunus)
  27. Anokhi Khushkhabri (Qissa Syedna Zakariyya)
  28. Zalim Malika (Qissa Syedna Yahya)
  29. Pathar Ki Gawahi (Qissa Syedna Isa)
  30. Sab Se Pyaray (Muhammad Rasool Allah)
Book Size (cm):
4 color


Maria 0 07/21/2020
When it will be restocked ???
Darussalam Admin 0 07/29/2020
Thank you for showing interest in our publications. It is in printing process, InshaAllah we are trying our best to restock it as soon as possible. Stay tuned with our FB page.
sadiaaslam_85@yahoo.com 0 06/22/2020
Asalam alaikum

Qasus Ul anbia available in English?
Darussalam Admin 0 06/24/2020
Wa Alaikum As Salam Wr Wb,

Thank you foe showing interest in our Publications. Yes AlhamduLillah it is available with us.



Best books for children! Recommended for all!
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