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Book Pages:35
Book Size:14x21
Genre:Prayer for Muslim
Color:4 color
Weight:0.4 kg
Rs. 195.00
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Full-color booklet of prayers for Muslim children. Includes English, Arabic, plus English transliteration for pronunciation. All the glorification and praises are for ALLAH Alone, and His countless Blessings are upon the last Prophet, Muhammad (PBUH). To bring up a child under the blessings of ALLAH, it is necessary that from an early age we should introduce them to the ways of invoking our Lord, the Magnificent, and the Beneficent. All of the invocations praises and mentioning of ALLAH presented in this book are related from the Sahih Ahadith of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). May ALLAH fulfill our wishes and make our efforts successful in this regard. Aameen



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