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Qurani Qaidah

قرآنی قاعدہ
ISBN: 969913465-8
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Learning how to recite the Quran is one of the fundamentals of being a Muslim, and Darussalam Publishers brings you “Qurani Qaida” which is designed to give your child a grasp on how to pronounce the Haroof e tahaji. A must in the fundamentals of learning Recitation of Quran! This Qurani Qaida will provide an improved learning experience with regional tajweed to make it easier for Muslims all over the World to Learn Islam. Your Child will be pronouncing Arabic Letters correctly as this Qaida contains graphical illustrations of mouth to make special nodes and sounds!

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Wardah 0 03/07/2020
Is this the first step qaida?? What is the age limit??
Mehmood Alam 0 03/10/2020
Thank you for showing interest in our publications. Yes this booklet is the first step to learn how to read Quran. Despite of age factor, this qaidah is for everyone who wants to learn how to read Arabic/Quran.


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