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Talhah in the Mosque

Book Pages:32
Book Size:12x17
Genre:Prayer And Supplication
Color:2 color
Weight:0.3 kg
Rs. 130.00
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Talhah in the Mosque by Darussalam is a short storybook that teaches children the manner of going to the mosque and offering the prayer according to the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

The book highlights what one must do when one hears the Athaan, how to perform Wudhu’ and what to recite, how to leave the home for the mosque, how to behave on the way to the mosque, how to enter the mosque, and how to offer the prayer. This book is recommended for children of all age groups and can prove to be a valuable asset for the parents in providing their children with good upbringing.



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