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Namaz-e-Nabvi S/C - (12x17)

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In religion and Shariah, prayers have special importance. The most important prayer is offering Salah five times a day which is a beautiful gift. There can be no other better way for creation to communicate with the creator. This is the way of pleasing Allah and getting blessings. It is the foremost duty and responsibility of rulers to implement the arrangement of Salah offering. It is also known to be the distinguishing feature between a Muslim and a Non-Muslim. Holy Prophet said(P.B.U.H) Offer Salah like you have seen me offering it. Companions of the Holy prophet have comprehensively observed Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) offering Salah. Numerous books have been written on it in the light of Sunnah. Darussalam Namaz-e-Nabwi stands apart from all those due to authenticity and immense research. This book does not contain any hades that are not authentic.

Many eminent scholars have contributed to writing this book and the book is the closest you can find to the mirror the exact way of Holy Prophet(P.B.U.H) offering Salah. The book demands to be read and gifted to others for the maximum benefit.



Mashallah this is the best book i have ever read about salah (namaz)
with ref. Great Dar us salam keep it up. jazakallah
نماز (نماز) کے بارے میں ہر چیز کو جاننے کے لئے ایک بہت اچھی اور اہم کتاب. اس کتاب میں بیان کردہ تمام حدیث سحہ ہیں.
Alhamdulillah, this is the best book to learn the right way of performing salah. Not what quran says" We follow what our ancesters followed". We always need to fix ourselves inshaAllah.
Very informative and authentic!
Very informative book
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