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Women Urdu Economy Pack

Rs. 3,000.00
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The "Women Urdu Economy Pack" contains a collection of 5 bestselling Urdu books for women including:

  1. Libas Aur Pardah by Hafiz Salah-ud-Din Yousaf
  2. Misaali Khatoon by Mujhadi Fatha Al-Syed
  3. Ae Meri Behan (O My Sister!) by Prof. Abdul Rehman Nasir
  4. Aurton Ka Tareeqa-e-Namaz by Hafiz Salah-ud-Din Yousaf
  5. Mafroor Larkiyon Ka Nikkah Aur Hamari Adalatien by Hafiz Salah-ud-Din Yousaf

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