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Urdu Book Title:ملکہ عالیہ
Book Pages:128
Book Size:14x21
Color:4 color
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Why is the woman of today facing a lot of problems in society? Why is the number of harassment cases against females increasing rapidly? Why don`t women feel secure at workplaces? The answer to the questions like these is that women who don`t wear Hijab have to face a lot of problems. They promote temptation in men. New Muslim wear Hijab happily as they know that it will be a protection from the evil prevailing in the society they were living in. No one denies that the modesty which is commanded by Islamic Law and by convention includes the decency and decorousness demanded of a woman and the kind of behavior that will ensure that she is kept far away from situations of temptation and suspicion. Furthermore, there is no doubt that the greatest act of modesty that she can perform is to wear the hijab, which covers her face. It is the best thing and with which she can adorn herself because it protects Her and keeps her far removed from temptation.

This is a unique book of its kind and it presents answers to nearly all questions pertaining to family matters like: beautification of a woman, garments for women, hair styling, and a woman`s speaking with a man, use of perfume for women, mixed education, permissible work for women, legal verdicts pertaining to marriage, children games and clothes, etc. This is a must-have book. Every Muslim family must keep this splendid book in their homes.



Good effort for promoting Islam in a good way! Allah qabool farmaye
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