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Moon Lamp Quran Speaker - MQ-525

Manufacturer: Darussalam Publishers
Rs. 3,500.00
Out of stock

Double the pace of Quran learning process with Moon Lamp Quran. It's a perfect blend of advanced features and outstanding sound quality. Choose tilawat, word-for-word translation, or tafsir with the remote control that also lets you control volume and light. Available in 16-different colors so choose the one that matches the interior of your home.

  • HD Quality Qur'an Audio
  • Qur'an Translation Audio
  • Quran Ayah be Ayah Translation
  • Quran word by word Translation
  • Complete Tafseer Audio
  • FM Radio
  • Mp3 Player
  • Fast Surah Sincton (New
  • Hotkey MP3
  • Remote control, 5 well HD Loud Speaker


Somyyia 0 09/01/2021
1. Is it programable as well?. Means can we add any other surahs, or can we listen other MP3 files also?.
Darussalam Admin 0 09/02/2021
Thank you for showing interest in our products. No this gadget is not programable and you cannot use it as an MP3 Player as well as adding more files/content on it will disturb the algorithm tables of pre installed database. Secondly it contains Rechargeable Batteries for long back and convenience not the Cells. Thank you
Rida Sheikh 0 08/03/2021
Which colours are available??
Darussalam Admin 0 08/05/2021
Thank you for showing interest in our products. This Lamp is only available in Textured White Theme as it has been designed as the replica of Moon.


excellent product.
Very good product. It's the best thing for bedtime or early morning baby soothing
Perfect for your room
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