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Al Quran Al Kareem 7-A (Hafzi - 16 Lines)

ISBN: 01020036
Author(s): Not Applicable
Rs. 750.00
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This Hafzi Quran has 16 lines per page with beautiful cover and pages. Its standard font made it easy to read even for all the age groups and specially for Hufaaz (Memorizers of Quran)..

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Altaf Khan 0 08/26/2021
Assalam Alaykum. Do you dispatch overseas or only within Pakistan?
JazakAllahu Kheyr
Darussalam Admin 0 08/26/2021
Wa Alaikum s Salam, Thank you for reaching out to us and showing interest in our publications. ALhamduLillah we ship all accross the world. Kindly visit www.daruusalamstore.com for international shipping. Thank you
Hafiz Ali Suhail 0 10/09/2020
Can we buy it by visiting the Lahore Store located in Civil lines near GC University.
Darussalam Admin 2 10/09/2020
Yes Sure, You are more than Welcome to visit us from 09:00 AM to 08:00 PM to grab your copy of this Quran, InshaAllah
Shaikh 0 09/01/2020
Is the cover of the Qur'an Dark blue? And secondly do you have it available in black or dark green maybe? Cuz I am looking for the exact same design. And how do I check the authenticity of the Qur'an?
Darussalam Admin 1 09/03/2020
Thank you for showing interest in our Publications. This Quran comes in different color variants like Green, Blue, Red and Grey etc. Moreover, as far as it's Authenticity is concerned, please note that Darussalam Publishers is a 28 years old world leading Islamic Publishing house with its presence in more than 35 countries all across the globe. We always make sure to proof-read each and every book through our team of highly educated Scholars. You can also check the customer's reviews on our facebook pages and website. Thank you
Shaikh 0 08/30/2020
Assalamualaikum. How big is the size 14 x 21?
Darussalam Admin 2 08/31/2020
Thank you for showing interest in our publications. The given size is in CM. it is 14cm is width and 21cm in length.
Ramsha 0 03/21/2020
Can we order it now? You guys delivering these days??
Darussalam Admin 0 03/24/2020
Thank you for showing interest in our publications. We are trying our best to facilitate our customers these days. Kindly place your order we will make sure to deliver it, InshaAllah.


Alhamdolliah i have 1 set of daruslam quran which is very beautiful excellent binding cover, found 1 thing which is help full that page number printed in English digits. i would like to suggest size of founts should be more thinner hope would appear more finest. pls prefare printing in 2 clours sky blue and black only black not attractive. printing paper overall good.
Mash ALLAH great quality. Take some extra time to deliver. But quality is perfect.
Masha Allah, I Received today this Quran. As same as shown in the picture. Paper Quality is so good.
Great Work
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