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Quranic Gift (Pocket size 16 Lines)

Urdu Book Title:تحفہ القرآن الکريم
Book Pages:549
Book Size:8x12
Color:4 color
Weight:0.2 kg
Rs. 350.00
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Presenting special gift Quran by Taj Publishers featuring colorful text and quality art paper. This pocket-sized Quran helps readers with Tajweed and is enclosed safely in an attractive velvet cover that is also pleasing to the eyes.

Designed especially for people aiming at reciting Quran with proper pronunciation, this Quran provides detailed guides on Makhraj and supports the text with pictures. It also breaks down letters into various categories such as aerial letters, glottal letters, jawly letters, liquid letters, dental letters, labial letters and whistly letters. Characteristics of letters are also explained at the end in the English language.



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