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Tajweedi Quran - English and Urdu 213 (15 Lines)

Urdu Book Title:تجویدی قرآن (15 سطری)
Book Pages:632
Book Size:17x24
Color:4 color
Weight:1.75 kg
Rs. 1,550.00
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This copy of Quran has 15 lines per page and its distinction is its colors for each tajweed rule, making it easier to follow and correct your tajweed recitation of the Holy Qur`an. The rules of tajweed are explained in English as well as in Urdu languge on every page below the text.



Mainy jab se Tajweedi Quran lia hai parhnay main bauht asani hogy hai aur dil ko tassalli k Ab sahi makhraj se Qur'an ki talawat krskty hon..JazakAllahu khair itny asani k lye...Har ghar main tajweed quran zaror hona chahy.
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