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Interpretation of Kitab At-Tauhid The Destination of the Seeker of Truth

Book Pages:325
Book Size:14x21
Genre:interpretation of Qur'an
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Interpretation of Kitab At- Tauhid is the book that highlights the important events from Qur’anic verses. The following details are cover in these sections and these are given below:

Important issues of the Chapter

  1. The abundance of AIlah`s favor.
  2. The numerous rewards of At-Tauhid with Allah.
  3. Along with this it expiates sins.
  4. Explanation of the verse which is in Surah AI An`am (6:82).
  5. Notice the five points in the Hadith of `Ubaadah.
  6. That when you combine it (the Hadith of `Ubaadah) with the Hadith of `Itbaan and that which follows it, the meaning of the statement La ilaha illallah becomes clear to you, and the mistake of those who have been deceived also becomes clear to you.
  7. Confirmation of the attributes, contrary to (the understanding of) the Ash`ariyyah.
  8. That if you know the Hadith of Anas, then you know that strong the Prophet`s statement in the Hadith of `Itbaan, `Indeed Allah has forbidden for Hell the person who says, `none has the right to be worshipped but Allah,` seeking thereby the Face of Allah,` that it is by abandoning Ash-Shirk, not simply saying it with the tongue.
  9. Notice the combined mentioning of both Isa (Jesus) and Muhammad as two Slaves of Allah and His Messengers.
  10. Knowing that Isa was particularly as being the Word of Allah.
  11. Knowing that he (`Isa Alay he salaam) was a spirit from Him (Allah).
  12. Knowing the virtue of belief in Paradise and the Fire.
  13. Knowing his (the Prophet`s) statement, `...whatever his deeds may be.`
  14. Knowing the AI-Meezaan (scale) has two pans.
  15. Knowing the usage of the term `Face` (of Allah).



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