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Tafseer Ahsan al Kalam (Pocket-size)

ISBN: 01020043
Author(s): Dr. Mohsin Khan
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تفسیر احسن الکلام قران مجید کے آسان اور بہترین ترجمے کے ساتھ ساتھ ایک مکمل تفسیر بھی ہے جو کہ مستند اور مقبول تفاسیر سے ماخوذ ہے۔ ان میں تفسیر ابن کثیر اور تفسیر قرطبی بھی شامل ہیں۔ دارالسلام کی طرف سے پیش کردہ اردو زبان میں یہ تفسیر ایک شاہکار ہے جس سے ہر مسلمان بھر پور فائدہ حاصل کر سکتا ہے۔ اللہ ہمیں قران مجید پڑھنے سمجھنے اور اُس پر عمل کرنے کی توفیق عطا فرمائے۔ آمین۔

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DR SAQUIB SAEED 0 12/14/2021
Is the front cover Leather, Ragzine, or card board , paper
Darussalam Admin 0 12/16/2021
Thank you for reaching out to us. The Front Cover is of High Quality Rexine type card material.
Arjumand Asif 0 05/02/2021
I need this with zip cover
Darussalam Amdin 0 05/03/2021
Thank you for showing interest in our publications. We apologize that the zip cover version is not available right now. Please stay tuned with our Facebook page, we will update there as soon as it may restock, InshaAllah!
Bint e Siddique 0 11/04/2020
How can I cancel my order?
Darussalam Admin 0 11/04/2020
Thank you for reaching out to us. Kindly inbox us your order number @ 0324-2304050 to cancel your order. Thank you
Nadeem Ahmad 0 06/22/2020
I need Ahsan ul kalam with urdu translation in a larger size from pocket size.
Middle size, not seen in your stock.
Darussalam Admin 0 06/24/2020
Thank you for showing interest in our publications. Sir, the Ahsan ul Kalam is also available in 17cm x 24 cm size. Kindly follow the link to see inner pages, Thank you

Muhammad Ajab Awan G-11, Islamabad 0 05/02/2020
Sir I have ahsanulkulam digital Quran and his pen is not working. From where I can check out in Rawalpindi/ Islamabad area. Pl guide me.
Darussalam Admin 0 05/05/2020
We apologize for the inconvenience Sir. You don't need to worry about it as your Pen comes with 1 years warranty. Kindly visit any of our store near you (for you it is F8 Markaz, Islamabad). Our Team will fix it for FREE under warranty period.


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