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The Essential Pearls & Gems of Ibn Taymiyyah

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Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah is one of the greatest scholars and reformers in Islamic history, which emerged at time of great turmoil and confusion to call the Muslims to return to the path of Quran and Sunnah, the path of the prophet (SAWW) and the early generations of this Ummah (Salaf).

Ibn Taymiyyah wrote many books, often under the most difficult of circumstances, that describe the path of the salaf and discuss the arguments of Muslims philosophers and of the Baatini and Raafidi groups, pointing out the flaws therein. His thoughts and arguments are still relevant today, at a time that is in many ways similar to his own era. The ummah is in turmoil, faced with decline and confusion, seeking a way put and beginning to realize, after trying so many isms and ideologies, and after being proposed to Raafidi propaganda and corrupt ideas, that the only way to escape this situation is to go back to the path of the salaf, the path of the Holy Prophet (SAWW) and the Sahabah.

In this book, Dr. Muhammad Ibn Abd ar-Rahman al- ‘Arifi has selected material from the huge corpus of Ibn Taymiyyah’s work and made it accessible to the ordinary reader sso that he may learn about the thought pf this great scholar of Islam.



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