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Islamic Education Series (Part 2)

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Islam is founded on the Sunnah, which is available to us in the form of hadiths, and the Qur'an, two important sources. I have realized that many young Muslims have not learned even one hadith of the Prophet, as he said, "Whoever comes to know one hadith of mine should share it." This is why I chose shorter hadiths so that they might convey them to others and easily recall them. I pray Allah to make this book a source of illumination for us on the Day of Judgment. Since our child is the most cherished individual in the world, we go to extremes to ensure that he enjoys everything. We are ecstatic and our delight knows no bounds as soon as he speaks a few fragmented phrases with his tongue. In addition, we find pleasure in contemplating his gentle motions. You might be surprised to discover that it's just parental love and not Muslim parental love!

Let's examine!

Did we ever explain the child that Allah is the Creator of the universe and how to properly pronounce Allah? Did we mention the prophet and His name to him? Should we begin to teach him the fundamentals of Islam when he is still in school? Let's reflect on this sad reality and face it. If you agree, don't forget to look at the intriguing 12 books in the "Islamic Educational Series" that Darusslam has written for children in playgroup, nursery, and prep groups.



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