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The Noble Quran (Soft Cover) 10×15 (Pocket Size)

Dr. Mohsin Khan, english, 1312, 8x12, Quran (Mushaf), 1 color
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Quran (Mushaf)
1 color
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The complete set in which the Noble Quran English Translation is summarized. The translators base their work on references from some of Tafseer's most respected books, including At-Tabari, Al-Qurtubi, and Ibn Kathir. Includes comments from Sahih al-Bukhari. So understand the Quran word by word to go into its depth.

The Noble Quran Darussalam Features

  • Each verse is arranged separately from its English meaning in the noble Quran word for word.
  • The Arabic text of the Noble Quran English is taken from Mushaf Al-Madinah An-Nabawiyah, published by Muhammad of King Fahd of Saudi Arabia.
  • There are additions and reductions of Chapters and Hadith from Sahih AL-Bukhari and other Hadith collections.
  • Some additions, corrections, and modifications have been made to improve the noble Quran English translation and to bring the English translation closer to the precise meanings of the Arabic text.
  • Reprinting and reproduction of the old edition of this book is prohibited once a new edition is published

    Reasons to Write This Simple Translation

    The human thirst for knowledge of their Creator, justice, equality, and happiness. Thus, this simple Noble Quran Translation is a source of truth for them.

    How many trials and wars do people face that divide them? Now there is no way of peace and security without Islam. Therefore, the invitation to Islam is the work of those who know. It is a great responsibility on Muslims to preach the teachings of Islam to non-Muslims in their languages.

    Benefits of Reading This Book

    The noble Quran English translation of the meanings and commentary is a great source of information for students, truth-seekers, and scholars. Now, they can study the noble Quran Translation better and focus on the wisdom behind it. In this edition, the reader will find that the statements about monotheism, atheism, Hypocrisy, and Jihad have been repeated several times. This, the noble Quran English translation of the meanings and commentary highlights the importance of the Islamic faith. Also, some hadiths are repeated in various places because of their coherence and contextual context. So, study the Noble Quran word for word in this beautiful Quran in English text with its Arabic pronunciation.


    Drs. Muhammad Muhsin Khan Former Director, University Hospital Islamic University, AI-Madinah AI-Munawwarah Saudi Arabia.


    Ateeq Ur Rehman
    It's a Pocket Sized.Soft Covers.
    Pages Quality is Awesome.
    But the font size is significantly small. A person with a normal eyesight will have a bit of a problem reading it.
    Price Is significantly High.
    Costs around PKR 2650 With delivery Charges.